George M. Carrera, Jr.


Tuesday, March 19, 2024. 9:35 am – 9:55 am




George M. Carrera, Jr.

Amin Talati Wasserman LLP


Intellectual property plays an integral role in the competitive landscape of the health and wellness economy. Market players, large and small, have staked out their claims to proprietary products — but companies often ask whether certain products are patentable, particularly cosmetic formulations and new ingredients. This session is designed to provide you with a working knowledge of how patents can help you create and maintain a competitive advantage. You will learn what can and cannot be protected with a patent and the process for obtaining a patent. We will provide best practices for gathering the information required to file a patent application and walk you through how the United States Patent & Trademark Office reviews and approves patent applications. The end result, whether or not you obtain IP rights as a patent, or retain in-house trade secrets, is a valuable asset on your balance sheet. Finally, if you’re wondering whether your published patent application or issued patent can contribute to the scientific literature and serve to advance the cause of science, be sure to register and find out!


George M. Carrera, Jr. is a registered patent agent at Amin Talati Wasserman who co-leads the patent prosecution team. With over 20 years of experience in patent law, both in-house pharma and at medium to large private firms, George assists clients regarding their intellectual property in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science arts. He is actively involved in the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food science and allied fields. He advises food, beverage, drug, nutritional supplement, probiotic, cosmetic, medical device, and biotech companies regarding patentability, and guides clients to develop and maintain patent rights through the management and maintenance of patent portfolios.