Joy E Roederer, PhD


Tuesday, March 19, 2024. 10:45 am – 11:05 am


Elevating Cosmetics and Eco-Home Solutions Through Sustainable Innovation: Unlocking the Potential of Upcycled Coffee Extracts


Joy E Roederer, PhD

Integrity Ingredients Corporation


This presentation, representing the partnership between Integrity Ingredients and Kaffe Bueno, will highlight the innovative transformation of upcycled coffee by-products into powerful ingredients for skincare, haircare, and eco-friendly home solutions. This pioneering technology is anchored by the worlds first coffee biorefinery, an award-winning facility which produces high-performance ingredients for diverse applications. We will discuss the significant strides made in green chemistry and sustainable biotechnology, offering novel solutions to meet evolving consumer needs in the consumer products sector. Coffee beans, renowned as superfoods, are rich in polyphenols, lipids, proteins and oligosaccharides, crucial for maintaining the skins microbiome balance. These components provide antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Traditionally, these nutrient-rich by-products have been underutilized, often ending up in landfills. Now, they are increasingly recognized for their versatility in Personal Care and Home Care products, fulfilling new market demands for performance, quality, sustainability, and fair value chain practices. New studies will be shown using coffee biopolymers as multifunctional actives for anti-aging, natural colorants with excellent UV absorption properties for makeup and sunscreen applications. We will also explore research on skin barrier enhancement, keratinocyte stimulation, and hair repair capabilities of coffee-based lipophilic extracts. An in-vivo study shows improvement in fine lines, hydration, and hyperpigmentation attributable to the coffee biopolymer. Finally, we have developed a bio-based, upcycled surfactant and emulsifier range derived from coffee, rich in natural components of polyphenols and fatty acids. All of the coffee-based ingredients are upcycled and designed to meet new demands in Personal Care and Home Care applications.


Joy Roederer, PhD, serves as Senior Vice President of Technology & Business Development for Integrity Ingredients Corporation, a leader in raw material and product development innovation. Dr. Roederer’s expertise lies in new technology sourcing and execution from concept to commercialization, and she is widely known as a strategic thinker and problem solver. Her past leadership roles encompassed technical and strategic Product Development, Innovation, and Regulatory Affairs at SC Johnson, BF Goodrich \/ Lubrizol, and Guthy-Renker. Highlights of her accomplishments include the development, optimized manufacture and launch of over 200 new cosmetic, OTC, and nutritional products in the US and overseas, as well as continual design and application of new technologies and novel raw materials. At Integrity Ingredients, Dr. Roederer’s primary focus is to build the corporation’s technology and product concept portfolio. Dr. Roederer interfaces with global suppliers to qualify and guide regulatory compliance and testing, and to ensure the highest product efficacy standards. She also strategically collaborates with brands and formulators to facilitate application guidance and formula development. Dr Roederer received her chemistry degree from Texas Lutheran University, and PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Texas A&M University.