Marie Thadal


Tuesday, March 19, 2024. 10:25 am – 10:45 am


Unleash formulators imagination with digital solution powered by A.I. and push the boundaries of Cosmetic Product Development


Marie Thadal



The cosmetic industry must be kept abreast in breakthrough in technology to improve the creative process in product design with greater efficiency. AI is already proven to be useful in various applications in many industries and predicted to become a major driver of innovation The integration of AI technology into digitalized laboratory promises to revolutionize the landscape of cosmetic R&D. By leveraging AI algorithms, digitalized labs can analyze vast datasets with unprecedented speed and accuracy, enabling researchers to identify patterns, make correlations, and predict outcomes with higher confidence levels. In this conference, you will understand, how R&D software solutions module driven by AI provides insight on the stability test outcome of a formula, according to its composition and objectives. These predictive capabilities not only streamline the R&D process. Facilitating swift and secure decision-making in the formulation process, while reducing trial-and-error cycles, opens new avenues for creativity and experimentation, empowering formulators to dedicate more time to innovation and stimulating imagination.


Marie Renée Thadal is the Vice President of Sales and Operations for the Americas market. Marie oversees operations for the Americas market and streamlines the business development process. Prior to this position, during her 10-year tenure, Marie led the Coptis Business Development team for the Americas with a mission to digitalize R&D laboratories. She brings more than twenty years of combined experience in R&D and sales execution. A former Chair of the NYSCC and current SCC Area 1 Director, Marie holds a BA in Biochemistry-Rutgers University, a Master’s in Cosmetic Science-FDU, and an MBA from Rider University.